Only process admins can add users to the Midaxo platform. However, if the user already exists in another process,  project creators can add users to their projects across multiple processes.

There are two ways to add users to a new process: Add an existing user or add a new user.

  • Existing User: a user who already has access to projects in another process.
  • New User: a user who does not have access to any process.

Adding Users

Adding new and existing users can be done in a few steps.

1. Click the “Users” tab to go to the Users page.

2. Click on “+User”.

3. Enter a valid email address for the user you want to add.

Existing User

If the email address is already used in another process, the system will recognize this and fill in the fields for you (shown below). Simply click “Add” to confirm and add the user.

New User

If the email address is not used in another process, you will need to fill in the fields and click “Save” to finish adding the user.

User Management

Each process is a separate instance of the Midaxo platform and has its own User Management.

On a platform level, there are two user levels besides Process Admin:

  • Project Creator: full editing rights to all project data, and access to modifying content.
  • Project Member: access granted only to specified project data and basic editing permission.

It is possible to be a Project Member and a Project Creator in different processes.

Note: User roles and permissions are not transferred between processes.