Only process admins can edit/remove pipeline stages.

On the pipeline, locate the edit button (“gear” symbol) next to the date, at the center of the pipeline toolbar.

Click this button to go to the pipeline editor page. The page has two columns: the Project Stages list on the left and the Stage Editor on the right.

Edit a stage description

Select the stage you want to edit from the Project Stages list, then click the “Edit” button on top of the Stage Editor column. It will switch to edit mode so that you can change the name or write a new description. When you are done, click “Save”.

Change the order of the stages

You can easily drag and drop stages to change their order on the Project Stages list. The top most stage will be the starting stage on the pipeline.

Hide or remove a stage

To hide a stage, drag and drop it to the “Hidden Stages” section on the Project Stages list. You can also click on the Hide button that appears when you hover on a stage.

Hiding a stage removes it from view on the PIPELINE and likewise hides projects that are in that stage.  All project data is retained.  Projects in a hidden stage can be viewed in the PROJECTS view and in the DATA view.

Hidden stages can be useful in several scenarios:

  • As a temporary step before removing the stage permanently, especially to allow time for data clean-up
  • To simplify the PIPELINE view but still maintain projects as active, e.g. if you want to see "terminated" projects in the DATA view but not in the Pipeline view
  • As a way to categorize projects before archiving For example, some customers actively move projects to one of two hidden stages ("Inactive" or "Completed") before archiving them so that the archive can be sorted accordingly.
  • As a container for a "dummy" project that contains budget targets for comparing to actuals in Analytics widgets.

Note: You may want to exclude hidden stages in certain Analytics widgets you have set up.

Remove a stage permanently

After a stage is hidden, you can remove it completely by clicking on the “X” button next to the stage.

Hidden Stages

If any projects are in a hidden stage at the time the stage is removed, these projects are reassigned to the first (left-most) stage of your pipeline.  All other project data remains intact.