November 25, 2017 - Some of the features described here are available to some customers already and will be rolled out to all customers in the coming weeks.  We will inform customers by email when their accounts have been updated.

Consider carefully whether you want to delete a process and whether you first need to export any data.  Doing so removes all information, including tasks in projects, documents, recorded user activities, etc.  An alternative to deleting a process is to just push it down the list by renaming it and removing all other user access.

Company Admins and Process Admins can delete processes themselves from the process drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you may request it to be deleted by contacting or by clicking the SUPPORT link when you are signed in.  In your request include the numerical process ID (seven digits) that can be found in the URL when you are viewing the process pipeline.  

Deleting a process cannot be undone.