This feature allows you to move projects from one process pipeline to another process pipeline. It can help break down complex situations. For example, deal identification, evaluation, due diligence, and transaction could be in one process pipeline and the integration process could be in a separate pipeline. 

To move a project from one process to another, start by navigating to your project's cover page. Click on the “Copy to Another Process” from the drop-down menu found next to the project name, as shown below:

A menu will appear where you can pick the target process from a list. If you want to archive the project from the source process, you can check the box titled “Archive this project after it is copied to the target process". This will remove the project from the source pipeline.

Note: Archived projects are not permanently deleted and can be brought back to the pipeline by reactivating them.


What exactly is copied?

  • The value of matching cover page fields will be copied over. Unmatched fields will be ignored.
  • Documents, events, issues and tasks are copied over.
  • Users who are already in the target process will keep their task responsibilities and individual task permissions.  (Note: User groups are not copied over, so any group permissions will need to be reconfigured after the project is copied.)
  • Users who are not in the target process will be added as Contacts to the project.