Only the admins for a project can archive or delete that project.

When you hover over a project on the project list or the pipeline, you can locate the “Archive or Delete” button. The button is also visible for project admins on the project cover page, next to project status.

On the project list, the “Archive or Delete” button will appear when you hover over a project row. 

On the project cover page, the “Archive or Delete” button is located next to project status. In the picture above, the project status is active.

If you click on the button the Archive or Delete Project dialog box will appear. You can select to archive the project or delete it permanently. You can provide a reason for archival as well as notify others. Confirm your decision by clicking the “Archive” button or the “Delete” button.

Archived projects are stored in the data view and all of the contents remain unchanged. You can always reactivate an archived project later.