Only a process admin can configure the cover page.

All projects use the same cover page form. This means that after the cover page form is edited, the changes to the form structure will show in every project in your account.

On the top right corner of the cover page, locate the “wheel” icon. After you click on the button, you will be directed to the cover page form editor.

The page is divided into 3 columns: Project Field, Field Editor and Preview. Project Field is the list of all fields available. The Field Editor allows you to edit a selected field. Preview lets you see the changes you have made.

Add a new field to the form

On top of the Project Field list, click on the Add button (“+” button). A dropdown menu will appear for you to select the type of the field you want to add.

  • Normal heading - Use this to group fields on the cover page.  It can also be used to provide some instruction text on the cover page.
  • Highlighted heading - This is similar to the normal heading, but the group of fields under it will be highlighted.  Use this to emphasize a certain section, or alternate highlighting on sections for easier navigation of a long cover page.  Highlighted headings can be changed to normal headings, and vice versa.
  • Short text*, ++Plain text up to 64 characters (with spaces).  Two short fields will fit side by side.  A short text field can be changed to a long text field or text area later.
  • Long text*, ++Plain text up to 255 characters (with spaces).  A long text area can be changed to a text area later.  If you later change long text to short text , you may need to shorten existing project data the next time you edit it.
  • Text area*, ++Plain text up to 8191 characters.  If you later change a text area to short or long text you may need to shorten existing project data the next time you edit it.
  • Number*, ++ - Accepts positive, negative, whole, and decimal numbers (with either . or , according to the regional settings of your operating system) can be used.  Numbers up to 16 characters or 15 digits with a decimal are accepted.  Optionally set a minimum and/or maximum value for the number.
  • Traffic light*A color-coded choice of green, yellow, or red on the project cover page and PIPELINE view.  The DATA view will show either "green", "yellow", or "red".
  • Date* - - Select from a pop-up calendar.  Dates will appear like "01 Jan 2017".
  • Checkbox+- A simple yes/no checkbox.
  • Choice* - Choose only one item from a pre-defined list.  Read more
  • Multiple Choice* – Choose one or more items from a pre-defined list.  Read more

* These fields can be set as required fields.
++ These fields can have a default value.

Hide or remove a field from the form

To hide a field, drag and drop it to the “Hidden Fields” section on the Project Field list. You can also click on the hide button that appears when you hover on a field.

When the field is hidden, you can remove it completely by clicking on the “X” button next to the field.

Change the position of a field on the form

Simply drag and drop a field on the Project Field list to change its position on the form. The selected field will be highlighted with yellow background on the Preview column so you can easily track its position.