The project email is an email address that you can use to send, forward, CC, or BCC any emails or documents to the project. It can be used by anybody as long as he/she knows the address.  Project emails are a secure and convenient way to record important deal-related communication and information in a common place.

Emails sent to the project email are stored on the project's Events page, and any attached documents are also stored on the project's Documents page.  By default, these emails and documents are visible only to project admins since the content may be sensitive in nature. However, the project admin(s) may extend access  to other project members by adding team members to the email event or by associating the event with a task that the project members already have access to.

Emails are stored on the project’s events page making project emails a secure, reliable and valuable way to record important deal-related emails. Project admins can see all project emails, and project members can only see the emails that they have been allowed access to.

Example use cases:

  • Give the project email to potential targets or external advisors who do not, for whatever reason, have access to Midaxo. They can send documents directly to your project. This helps you ensure all documents are stored in the same place by eliminating the need to separately download and upload the documents after receiving them.
  • CC the project email when requesting certain documents from team members. Instruct them to reply-to-all so the document is saved to Midaxo simultaneously.
  • BCC the project email when sending out any project-related communication to the project team
  • Forward an important email thread to the project for archiving purposes

Click on the project email address to launch your email composer or copy the project email address from the cover page and paste it into the To: field of your email composer.