Process admins can grant dashboard access to any users and/or groups that are already users of the process.  Users who are granted access to the dashboard will see only the data from the projects to which they also have access.  If any widgets use fields that are marked as confidential, the widget will appear empty for users that do not have access to confidential fields.

By default, process admins have access to all dashboards created in the process.

To grant access to a dashboard:

  • Click on the arrow next to the dashboard name
  • Click "Edit …"
  • Select the groups and/or users in the process to whom you want to grant access
  • Click Save


Example use cases:

  • Create a financials dashboard to share with M&A stakeholders, including widgets about revenue, valuation, and EBIT of deals in your pipeline.
  • Create a personnel-specific dashboard to share with HR stakeholders, including employee headcount and countries of deals in your pipeline.
  • Create project-specific dashboards for project's team members and stakeholders, including task progress widgets about due diligence status and/or project planning.