Whether you are setting up your Midaxo account for the first time or you just need to add projects from another data source, you do not need to enter all the data manually. You can import all of your projects from an Excel document.

Only process admins or project creators can import projects using Excel.

Prepare your Excel spreadsheet

To import multiple projects and their values at the same time, you need to have an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx). Each row in the spreadsheet will be treated as a project, and each column will be treated as a field in your cover page . The first row is considered to contain the headings and will be automatically excluded.  

See an example here:

You can also download a sample Excel sheet with more data.


  • If you have any multi-choice fields in your cover page template, list the values you want to import in the corresponding cell, separated by a comma. Any values that do not match the predefined choices in the cover page template will be ignored.  This comparison is case-sensitive.
  • To map the “Due Date” field automatically, you need to name the column in your Excel file “Project Due Date.”
  • If you have Custom cell formatting on numerical data, you may need to switch those to General format to ensure a successful import.
  • Please see the list of accepted field types and their limitations to ensure your data will be accepted
  • The only supported file format for import is XLSX. Use Excel’s “Save As” functionality and select the right document type, “Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)”:


Import your project data

Once your Excel sheet is ready, click the green “+Project” button on top of the Pipeline or the Project List:

Then click on the “Import Projects From Excel”:

Select the file by clicking the “Choose Excel File” button:

Once you have selected the Excel file to import, the final step is to match the project fields with the data from your Excel file. If the column headers match the project cover field names, they will be mapped automatically. Otherwise find the matching cover page field from the drop-down menu above each column:

If there is a project with the same name already in Midaxo, you will be notified and asked whether you want to overwrite the project or create a new project with the same name. Read more about overwriting projects with new data in How do I overwrite cover field values in multiple projects at once?

After going through the previews, click the “Import” button. The import process runs in the background and starts within a minute. Navigate to the pipeline or data view and you should see your projects turning up there.

Note: If you are importing a lot of projects, you may have to wait a few minutes before they are all imported.