When you need to update a large number of projects and their cover page fields with new values or when you want to populate a new field on all projects, it may be easier to make the changes in Excel and then import the new values into Midaxo. 

To overwrite existing projects with new values, you need to use the Import from Excel functionality. This will require you to have an Excel spreadsheet with your modified data. You can get this by exporting your projects from the Data view and editing the fields you want to update. Please make sure that you save the modified Excel spreadsheet as an XLSX workbook, otherwise the import will not work.

Follow the steps described in the How do I import multiple projects from my Excel file? article to select the Excel file to be imported and map the columns to the cover page fields. When you click preview, you will notice the following warning:

We found <x> duplicated projects, do you want to overwrite them with the new value or do you want to create new projects?

If you want to overwrite the projects’ cover page fields with the new values, click the “Overwrite Existing Projects” button:

If you choose "Create New Projects", your existing projects will not be changed and the data from the Excel spreadsheet will be imported as new projects.

However, this will create multiple projects with the same name in Midaxo and will make it impossible to update your projects by importing an Excel spreadsheet. This is because the import process will not be able to determine which of the identically named projects should be overwritten.

When this happens, you will notice that the projects that cannot be imported will be marked as red with a warning icon:

It is also important to note that if you do have multiple projects with the same name in the Excel sheet, only the last project with the same name will be imported.

You will get one last preview before the actual import. Projects with a red background will be ignored. A project with a blue background will overwrite the existing project with the same name. Projects with a white background will be imported as new projects since they have nothing to overwrite:

Clicking the “Import” button will start the import process, which will run in the background. You can navigate to the pipeline to see your new and/or modified projects.

Note: If you are importing a large number of projects, you may have to wait a few minutes before they are all imported.