The task view is the main view to use when working on project tasks. It shows the hierarchical structure of the task list on the left and has tabs for task-specific information on the right.

The status of the task is shown in a bubble next to the task name. Click the bubble to change the status or to view the color descriptions. Next to the status bubble, there is a text field for including a short status summary.


Task Info Tab

The task info tab contains three parts:

Deal Notes/Goals is used to add any notes or goals that are related to the task selected. Often times, teams will use this section to add a brief status update to their task. Every user that has access to the task will be able to view and edit this section.

Dependencies are used to identify any cross-task or cross-functional interdependencies. This is useful when starting a project and setting due dates. 

Guide is used to provide general guidance for how each task should be carried out. The content of the Guide section is often a standardized part of the company’s M&A process template. This section can only be modified by a process, project, or task admin.


 Documents Tab

The Documents tab lists documents attached to the task selected in the task tree. If you check the “Show Subtask Documents” option, documents attached to any subtasks will also be shown. To open a document, simply click on the file name.

Click the star icon to highlight a file as a "Key Document". You can apply a filter to only view starred files by clicking the "* Key Documents" button on the project overview page.


Issues Tab

The Issues tab lists all risks and issues linked to the task selected in the task tree. If you check the “Show subtask issues” option, issues/risks linked to any subtasks will be shown as well.

Tasks with linked issues will have a small exclamation mark next to the status indicator in the task structure:


Activity Tab

The Activity tab lists all comments and activities related to the task selected in the task tree. If you check the “Show Subtask Activities” option, activities related to subtasks will be shown as well.

By default, only comments are shown in the Activity tab. If you click the "All Activities" button, task changes will also be shown. This provides a log for all changes to task status, responsibility assignment, related documents and schedule.

In the activity view you can comment on an activity and attach documents to your comments. For example you could comment: “Hey Einstein, here is the DD report” and attach the report as a Word document. You can also select to notify other users. By default the users responsible for the task will be on the list of users notified.