Process admins and project admins can import a task list from another project, only if they have admin rights to the other project. 

Midaxo allows you to import a task tree from other projects in your account into a current project. The import function will copy the task hierarchy, guides, notes, and documents.

1- When you are on the Task page, click the “Import” button on the Task toolbar. A dropdown menu will appear. Click “Import from Templates/Other projects”.

2- The “Import from Templates/Projects” dialog box will appear. On the left-hand side is the list of templates and projects that you could use. Midaxo’s built in M&A best practices template is also on this list. On the right-hand side is the task tree of the selected templates or projects. You can choose which tasks you want to import to your current project.

3- If you do not want the import to copy the documents, uncheck the “Include documents” box at the bottom of the window.

4- Click “Import” to start. The import should take between a couple seconds to a couple of minutes depending on how many tasks and documents you are importing. Newly imported tasks will be highlighted with yellow background.

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