Process admins and project admins can import a task list from Word.

In Midaxo, you can build your task list manually, but a faster way is to import it from an existing Word file. Word importer takes the structure of any Word document and adds it to your task tree. Each heading is a new task and the associated text will be added as a task guide. Download our sample Word document to get more information about the required document structure.

Note: Midaxo supports Word 2010 (.docx) files.

To import tasks from Word, follow these steps:

1- When you are on the Tasks page, click the “Import” button on the Task toolbar. A dropdown menu will appear. Click “Import from Word”.

2- You will be directed to the Word Importer page. At the bottom of the page, you will find the 3-step instructions. To start, choose a Word file from your computer.

3- Click “Upload File”. The system will check your file to see if it has a valid structure. The tasks must be marked as “Headings” in the Word file in order for the Importer to work.

4- Once your file has been checked, click “Import Content”. You will be directed back to the Tasks page with the task tree updated. If you already have tasks there, the new tasks will be placed at the bottom of the task tree. The new tasks will be highlighted yellow.

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