Process admins and Project Admins can manage all tasks in a project.  Project members can manage tasks for which they have the Task Admin permisison.

A task tree editor has been introduced to prevent potential conflicts when multiple project/process admins are accessing a project simultaneously.  Only one project/process admin may use the task tree editor at a time.

  1. Click REORDER TASKS to enter the edit mode 
  2. Hover over the task you wish to move
  3. Drag-and-drop the task using the cross-hairs to the left of the task.
  4. Move tasks up-and-down to change their order.  
  5. Move tasks left-or-right to change their position in the hierarchy.
  6. Click SAVE to accept the changes. 

Additional info

  • If you try to navigate away from the task tree editor without saving then you will be prompted to save the changes.
  • If an admin tries to open the task tree editor while another admin already has the editor open, the first admin will be prevented from entering the editor and will be shown who is currently editing the task tree.
  • Some actions will be blocked while in the task tree editor, like changing task status, editing the summary, editing the schedule, removing tasks, and adding subtasks.  
  • Task Admins may make the changes directly on the tasks they have permission to manage.