The automatic task status update feature is useful in helping keep team member up to speed with any tasks with upcoming due dates. Each team member will be notified through email when their tasks are due and any incomplete tasks will automatically be flagged and marked as "delayed" unless they are rescheduled. The below animation demonsntrates what happens when a task is incomplete and past due. 

The automatic task status upated encourages team members to work on their tasks and complete them by the due dates assigned so that they are not met with "delayed" tasks. This helps reduce the project manager’s workload because they do not have to follow up with each member on their team to check on the status of each task.

All users can opt to receive a personalized daily email with a summary of all overdue tasks, tasks in progress, as well as recent documents and comments.

To get the daily email, simply click the “User” button in the main navigation bar. Then, click the Settings tab to the right of the User Profile tab. Make sure the "Yes" button is marked to receive the daily email and click save.