Similar to the project email, the task email is a unique email address that you can use to send, forward, CC: or BCC: emails to a specific task. Task emails are a secure and convenient way to record important task-related communication and information in a common place. 

You can find the task email address under the Events tab of the respective task. Simply copy the task email address from the task's Events tab and paste it into the To: field of your email composer. 

Anyone that knows the task email address can send to it, but only team members with permission to a view a task will be able to see the emails sent to that task and any included documents.

Emails sent to the task email will be listed as Events under the respective task.  Any attachments to the email will be included in the Event and will also be listed in the project's Documents list.

Example use cases:

  • Forward an important email thread to the task that it relates to
  • Give the task email to extended team members who do not, for whatever reason, have access to Midaxo so that they can send relevant documents directly to the task. This ensures that all project members with permission to that task can immediately view the new documents
  • CC the task email when requesting certain documents from team members related to an open task. Instruct them to reply-to-all so the document is saved to Midaxo simultaneously.