November 25, 2017 - Some of the features described here are available to some customers already and will be rolled out to all customers in the coming weeks.  We will inform customers by email when their accounts have been updated.

From the Pipeline, Projects list, or Data view click on the project name to open a project. When you are inside the project, select the Overview tab from the project toolbar.

The right-hand side of the Overview page (My Tasks) will, by default, display open tasks assigned to you in the project (either explicitly or inherited from a parent task), sorted by due date.  To help you understand the context of your assigned tasks, the parent task name (in gray) precedes your assigned task.  Click on the (...) button to reveal the full task hierarchy above an assigned task.

You can sort and filter the My Tasks list by status or by date range as well as sort the list by task name. (Project admins can also filter the tasks by any project member.)  

Click on a task to open it in the project task tree.  You can also export the list into an Excel file for offline use.