Both project admins and members can edit task dependencies.

You can create task dependencies from the TASK INFO view or on the SCHEDULE view.

On the Task Info Page:

1. Click the "+Dependency" button on the right-hand side of the dependencies section.

2. Select the direction of the dependency from Predecessor to Successor.
3. Select the related task(s) by hovering through the task structure and clicking on the task name(s).

4. Click SAVE to confirm the new dependencies. 

All dependencies will be displayed in the table. The arrow icons represent the direction of the dependencies (from or to).


On the Schedule Page

1. Set the schedules for all the tasks you want to link with dependencies.

2. Hover over the Gantt bar of the task where you want to start the dependency. Click on the "chain-linkdependency icon from the pop-up menu and observe that your mouse pointer changes to the same dependency icon.

3. Move your mouse and click on the Gantt bar for the dependent task and observe that an arrow is drawn between the Gantt bars.