Uploading files from your computer

Process admins and project admins can add documents on the project level.

You can add documents at the project level from the project list view or inside the project.

  • If you are in the project list view, select a project and go to its Documents tab.
  • If you are inside a project, go to the Overview page and click the Documents tab.

The Documents tab in the Project list view and on the cover page take you to the same page. From here you can add new documents.

Under the Documents tab, click the “+Document” button". The add new document panel will slide down. You can select or drag and drop files from your computer into this panel. Click “Upload” to add the selected files to the Document list.

Note: The maximum upload file size is 1000 MB.

Sending files by e-mail

Alternatively, anyone can send documents to a project using the project's e-mail address. For more information, see What is the project email?