November 25, 2017 - Some of the features described here are available to some customers already and will be rolled out to all customers in the coming weeks.  We will inform customers by email when their accounts have been updated.

Office integration is supported for Windows users with Microsoft Office 2013 or newer and Windows 7 SP2 or newer..  Windows 10 is recommended for optimal user experience..

Windows 7 users will need to apply a patch to avoid errors.

Office integration is not supported for Mac users yet. Clicking on a document will initiate a download when using a Mac.

Microsoft Office documents can be opened and edited on Midaxo using all supported browsers. When you are in the Documents section of a task or project and you click on the document name, you will have the option to open another window to edit your documents without having to download them. Any edits that are made in the document will be saved to Midaxo. (Read more about managing document versions in Midaxo.)

Why does Office ask for my Midaxo user name and password?

Office opens documents from Midaxo using a special communication protocol. For that, it needs to authenticate, otherwise the documents in Midaxo would be available to everyone with a link without any authentication.

I signed in via Chrome, why do I need to sign in via Office again?

Office applications use the core of the Internet Explorer to display websites (such as the login screen to Midaxo). For security reasons, different browsers do not share cookies and in this case, Office acts as just a different browser. 

The session is kept active for approximately 8 hours. This means you need to log in via Office at least once per 8 hours.

Why does the login screen in Office tell me I am using IE7? I am using Chrome and I have IE11 on my computer.

Office applications use the core of Internet Explorer to display websites (such as the login screen to Midaxo). The IE core is a component of Windows and is independent on the actual version of IE installed on your computer.

How do I log out from Midaxo in the Office so I could open a document as a different user?

Run Internet Explorer and clear cookies.

Offline edit

If you wish to download the file instead of editing it online, click the (...) button and select download file.  You can also set this as the default action by editing your profile settings.  After you have made your edits offline you can replace the original file with the edited one or upload it as a new version.

How do I edit my Office Integration settings?

If you wish to disable the Office integration in Midaxo, head to the Users page. Click on your settings tab and scroll to the bottom. If you choose to disable the Office integration, clicking on a document in Midaxo will always prompt a download of the file.