Office integration is not supported for Mac users yet. Clicking on a document will initiate a download when using a Mac.

The most convenient way to manage document versions in Midaxo is to take advantage of Office Integration (see requirements).

Save a document as a new version

  1. Open the document by clicking on the document name in the Documents section of a task or project.  (You may need to verify your Midaxo credentials within Excel.)

  2. "Enable editing", "Edit Workbook", and make the necessary edits 

  3. Instead of saving the file, choose Save As… 
  4. Select the address from the list of recent locations
  5. Rename the file as a new version

  6. Confirm the Save
  7. Close the file
  8. Reload the Documents list in Midaxo and you'll see the new version listed separately in the Documents list.

Upload a document with a unique name

Alternatively, you can download a file, edit and rename it offline, and upload the newer document to Midaxo such that the original version remains intact.  This option is useful if you need to work on a document offline, if you do not meet the Office Integration requirements, or if you are working with a document that is not editable in Microsoft Office. 

Replace a document

If you don't want to track every minor version, you may also replace a document in Midaxo with another version. Note: the original version of the document is no longer available after you replace it.