Inside a project, you can go to the issue/risk management dashboard by clicking the "Issues"tab  from the second level toolbar.

The issues dashboard shows all open issues and risks in your project. If you want to see completed issues/risks, click the “Show completed issues” checkbox.

An “issue” is a problem that has been identified and requires action or resolution.

A “risk” is something that has the potential to occur or to affect the outcome of a task/project.

Searching and Filtering the Issues Dashboard

In addition to sorting issues by clicking on the specific column headers, you can also filter your issues. Similar to the pipeline search, you can filter by specific characteristics, such as Status, Severity, and Stream, and save them as filters. 

Filters can be saved as public, to be shared across the entire project team, or private, visible only to you. Note that fields with a limited number of options support searching without typing - simply check the option(s) that you want displayed.