The task events list shows all events (meetings, calls, emails, deliverables, and milestones) associated with a task, including emails sent in with the task email.

To view the task events list, go to the Tasks view, select a task, and change to the Events tab on the right half of the page.

  • By default, the task Events list shows all events that have not been marked Done yet. Check "Show done events" to show all.
  • Check "Show subtask events" to also list events associated with subtasks of the task you are currently viewing.
  • Change the "Group by…" dropdown to sort the event list by associated task, event type, date, responsible, or status.
  • Filter the event list by keyword, user, or month using the Search field
  • Sort the event list by Task, Title, Date and time, Responsible, Status, or Importance by clicking on the column headings.