You can create events from either the project event list or a task's event list.

In either location, click +EVENT and enter the relevant information:

  • Event Title* can be up to 255 characters with spaces.
  • Type* can be Meeting, Call, Email, Deliverable, or Milestone to help you keep things organized.
  • Date* can be typed/pasted in or chosen from a calendar selectorIf you are scheduling an event in another location, enter the date and time of the event in your local time zone.
  • Time* is the event time in your local time zone (as determined by your PC settings). The time will automatically be converted for users in other time zones.
  • Duration* can be selected from among the list of preset values.
  • Note is a free text field, up to about 8000 characters with spaces, for meeting minutes.
  • Tasks may be selected to associate an Event with one or more tasks, either a planned task or an action point identified during a meeting. Events that are associated with one or more tasks inherit the permissions from the corresponding task(s).
  • Responsible may be selected to indicate who is responsible for the eventindicate event participation, trigger event reminders to participants, and/or extend event access to specific users (not covered by the task permissions).
  • Documents may be uploaded to the event. They will also be listed in the project documents list.
  • The Done checkbox (or the Status toggle switch in the Event listing) will help you manage your events list, so that you can focus mainly on upcoming events but still return to previous events to check the meeting minutes or related documents.
  • The Important checkbox (or the ! toggle switch in the Event listing) will help you to highlight important events in your project.

* indicates the field is mandatory

You can also create Email events by sending to the project email. 

To edit an event, click on it from either the project event list or a task event list.  Make the desired changes/additions and save the form.


Click on the Event to edit it again, for example, to add meeting minutes.

Events can quiclkly be marked as "Done" by clicking on the "Undone" label at the right.  Similarly, you can mark the event "Important" with the "!" button at the right.