When the account admin adds you to his or her account, you will become a user and can sign in to Midaxo using the provided email and password.

You can then change your account details such as your name, company, contact info and avatar.

What you can do in Midaxo depends on the role that you are granted by the account admin:

  • Process admin: you have the highest level of access to everything in the account. You are able to add users to or remove users from the account, create and archive projects, assign project members and see all confidential project fields.
  • Project creator: you can create new projects in your account and have access to all the projects that you have created. A project creator cannot add users to or remove users from the account, but can assign existing users to his/her projects.
  • Project admin: you have full editing rights to all data in a project. You can also add/remove users and modify permission settings. The creator of a project will automatically become the project admin. An account admin can also add a user to be the project admin in the project team page.
  • Project member: you only have access to the projects where you have been added as a member. Inside a project, you are granted access to documents, tasks and other fields by a process or project admin.

Read more about user roles in What are user roles?