Why is a feature or button missing?

This feature is unavailable in your environment. Contact your administrator for more information.

Why are there so many tabs with the same name?

Each time you run a report, it opens a new instance of the Report Viewer. It is safe to close the tabs you are not using.

Why can't I edit a report?

This report is locked, or it belongs to someone else. Make a duplicate instead.

Why can't I run a report?

The Report Viewer is disabled. From the General Options menu, see if you can enable it for the report. If this does not work, then you have to export the report instead.

I downloaded a report, but I could not view or run the file. Why?

If you clicked Download, then you downloaded the report "definition". You cannot view or run this file on your desktop. Export the report instead.

Why are some data fields not in the Sorts or Filters menu?

These data fields are unsortable or unfilterable. Try to find a substitute field.

Why are there so many repeated or blank rows?

There is a one-to-many join between two or more categories in the report. There are multiple rows joined to each data field, but you will not see the data in those rows if you do not have a field from that category on the report. See Suppressing duplicates for more information.

Why do I have a bunch of junk after my data?

The report has multiple one-to-many relationships, and there is a sort on a field without associated data for a number of rows. The report does not know how to sort these rows, so it puts them all at the bottom. You can suppress these rows by setting Must constraints in the Joins menu.

What are #E0FFE0 and similar patterns?

The six letter and number patterns that start with a pound sign (#) are called color codes. This code is one of the ways that computers represent different colors. For example, white is #FFFFFF, black is #000000, teal is #008080, and so on. Wherever you see a color code or color field, there is a picker that lets you visually select a color from a palette - this way you don't have to worry about the codes themselves. However, matching codes is a good way to match colors in different reports or in different parts of a report.


An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator.

This message shows when the application is unable to determine the cause of an error. Save your work, then try to replicate the circumstances that led to the error message. Then let your administrator know what happened.

No Data Qualified for this Report

The report was not able to return any data. Either there are too many conflicting filters, or the chosen fields have no data. If you still want to see the report with no data, open the General Options menu, then from the No Data Qualify Display Mode list select Show Report.

Session has timed out; browser page will need to be reloaded or browser restarted

There was an error with the web server or with your internet connection. You may have to refresh the page, or log out and log in again.

Report has Abended

The report is trying to use an invalid data cache. To refresh the cache, edit the report, then click the refresh  icon.

This report contains errors. Please review the errors, and click OK to continue editing, and Cancel to close.

There are problems with this report. The file may have been corrupted, or the administrative settings may have changed unexpectedly. Contact your administrator, then try to recreate the report.

There are errors with this report, which prevents it from being executed or scheduled. Please edit report to view and fix errors.

The Chained Report is missing component reports. They may have been renamed, moved, or deleted. Try to locate the missing reports, then re-add them to the Chained Report.

Invalid template bookmark: Name; paragraphs, tables, and other Word objects cannot be contained within bookmark content that is mapped to a data field. Please see user guide for information on Word document templates.

You are trying to use two or more different Word based templates in the same Chained Report, which is not supported.


There are problems with the formula in this cell. Check for errors such as missing parentheses, improper value types, or missing arguments. The Formula Editor is helpful for determining formula errors.